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List of top features

  • Search by Username

    With this feature, you can search for specific stories using either the username of a particular account which makes it easier to find & download Instagram stories.

  • High-Quality Downloads

    All downloads will be saved as high-quality files ensuring no loss in resolution during the downloading process – meaning there’s always going to be crystal clear clarity.

  • No Watermarks Added

    All stories downloaded are free from any watermarks or logos – so users can be sure that their memories will remain as pure and untouched as the day they were taken.

  • No Login Required

    Instagram Story Download does not require a login to use - making it incredibly easy for anyone who wants access without having to worry.

  • Multi-Device Support

    The website is available on both Android & iOS devices ensuring compatibility with most modern smartphones/tablets out there today.

  • Free of Cost

    Last but not least, this amazing tool comes completely free of cost meaning no hidden charges when downloading your favourite Instagram Story.

  • Instagram Story Download

    Instagram Story Saver is a feature that allows users to save Instagram friends' stories with easy steps. This feature makes it easy for users to capture memories from their friend's accounts in an effortless way.

    With this tool, users can easily download stories that their buddies have created on Instagram as well as those posted by others which may be of interest to them. It also provides an opportunity for businesses and influencers who want a story saver Instagram.

  • What Is Instagram Story Saver?

    As all users are facing problems while downloading Instagram stories only because the Instagram platform does not allow its users to save stories directly from friend profiles. So we have made a solution named Instagram Story Saver, which is a website that allows users to save stories from Instagram, including photos and videos. It works by downloading the story directly onto your mobile device or computer so you can keep it forever.

  • How To Download Instagram Stories?

    1. Open the Instagram app on your device and log in to your account if necessary.

    2. Copy the Instagram username of which story you want to download.

    3. Paste Instagram username & click on the get link button.

    4. Now select the story which you want to download.

    Click on download button your download will start.

FAQs for Instagram Story Downloader

  • Is it safe to use an Instagram story downloader?

    Yes, our website is completely secure and will not compromise any user data.

  • Can I download private account stories with this website?

    No - only public accounts' stories are available for saving through this website.

  • Do Instagram Story Downloaders require any installation or login?

    No, you can download stories directly from this website.

  • Is it legal to download Instagram Stories?

    Make sure to not to use anyones copyrighted content without their permission.